At MPLX, our commitment to sustainability means taking actions that create shared value with our stakeholders — empowering people to achieve more, contributing to progress in our communities and protecting the environment we all share.

Lowering Carbon Intensity

As the largest natural gas processor in the U.S., MPLX facilitates over 250 million tonnes of CO2e reductions per year from coal to gas switching. We recognize that there are still improvements to be made. From lowering the methane intensity of our operations to improving our energy efficiency, we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

Focus on Methane Program
Our “Focus on Methane” program is a holistic approach to voluntarily reducing methane emissions along all aspects of our gathering and processing operations.

MPLX Methane Target

How are we reducing methane emissions?

  1. Innovative Launchers & Receivers 
    We redesigned pipeline launcher and receiver stations to reduce methane and volatile organic compound emissions by as much as 85% each time they are opened as part of required operation.

  2. Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR) 
    We adopted a stringent LDAR program at our gas processing and fractionation plants to reduce fugitive methane emissions intensity.

  3. Eliminating Pneumatic Controllers
    We are phasing out high-bleed pneumatic controllers at our compressor stations.

  4. Compressor Rod Packing
    We are trialing the use of low-emissions (low-e) packing material on compressors to verify that the new packing material will result in lower emissions. If proven successful we plan to expand use of the low-e material during routine rod packing replacements.

  5. Maintenance Venting
    We are optimizing maintenance venting to reduce emissions going to the atmosphere, including using VRUs and portable flares.

Focus on Energy Program 
Our “Focus on Energy” program is our holistic approach to improving energy efficiency in our operations while continuing to drive energy improvements.

MPLX Energy Star

How are we improving energy efficiency?

  1. Smart-Start Vapor Recovery 
    MPLX terminals utilize Vapor Recovery Units to recover vapors from trucks as they are loaded with fuel. Continuous emission monitors equipped with smart-start processing equipment allow the VRUs to operate only while loading, saving power and decreasing emissions. Utilizing 77 VRUs across MPLX terminals, we avoided 18,400 tonnes of CO2 in 2020.

  2. EPA’s SmartWay® Program 
    As a partner company in EPA’s SmartWay Transport program, we continually look for ways to increase the efficiency of our transport fleet. Since 2017, we have had a 4% increase in miles per gallon and a 4% reduction in CO2 grams per mile.

  3. Marine Fuel Optimization 
    Our Marine organization utilizes a fuel optimization program that requires captains to continuously monitor speed and acceleration. The program has been a huge success, reducing fuel usage up to 2 million gallons per year and avoids more than 20,000 tonnes per year in greenhouse gas emissions.

Operating with Integrity

We are committed to safe and environmentally responsible operations to protect the health and safety of employees, contractors, and communities where we operate.

Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS)
Our RC14001® and ISO 9001 aligned management system adheres to a "plan-do-check-adjust" framework to assess risks, set targets and measure progress. Our business decisions take into account health, environment, safety, and security matters, and are guided by our Code of Business Conduct. Meeting these commitments is a responsibility shared by everyone, including employees, contractors and third parties. To learn more about our OEMS click here.

Plan Do Check Adjust Graphic

We are committed to being good stewards of the environment. Our OEMS provides the procedural framework to ensure we account for the potential effects of our activities on ecosystems and prepare necessary mitigation procedures. Our approach also involves ongoing collaboration with applicable state and federal regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. You can learn more about our commitment to biodiversity in our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Spill Preparedness & Response
We recognize that our business activities, including the transporting of crude oil and refined product, can pose a risk to the ecosystems and communities in which our assets are located. We consider any spill to be unacceptable and are therefore committed to preventing and mitigating potential spills.

To prevent spills, we invest in research and deployment of advanced technology. Our business units follow stringent safety processes and procedures aligned with government regulations and industry best practices and operate with the utmost in preparedness, training and awareness to minimize risk.

All our operating locations have emergency response teams and site-specific emergency preparedness/response plans tailored to the risks they may encounter. These plans are subject to regular drills and exercises to ensure proper implementation in the event of a real incident. Our robust drills exceed federal, state and local requirements and are conducted with highly trained employees who work seamlessly with federal, state and local partners.

Human Rights
We are committed to respecting the human, cultural and legal rights of all individuals and communities, including the rights of indigenous communities. To view our Policy on Human Rights, Including the Rights of Indigenous People, click here.

Creating Shared Value

We believe that creating shared value through our people, our communities and our suppliers helps to ensure the social and economic needs of future generations are met.

Community Engagement & Impact
We are dedicated to building and maintaining relationships in the communities where we operate. We are proud to support local and national charitable organizations and encourage employees to make a positive impact through volunteerism and community service.

How are we engaging?

  1. Earning Your Trust
    Through its industry-leading public engagement program, our wholly owned subsidiary Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) engages landowners, community members, schools and public officials on pipeline safety and infrastructure. The program helps MPL focus on community involvement while encouraging employees and contractors to be positive ambassadors when working with or contacting the public. To learn more about MPL’s Earning Your Trust program click here.

  2. Charitable Contributions and Grants
    We strive to make a meaningful impact in the communities in which our assets are located, and strategically focus community investments on three core areas where it can make a positive, measurable impact: workforce development, sustainability and thriving communities. To apply for an MPLX sponsored grant click here.
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