Annual Report & 10-K


2017 Annual Report Cover2017 Annual Report & 10-K

MPLX gathered, processed and fractionated record gas and NGL volumes, and more than tripled our net income to $794 million for the year. Our adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization increased $585 million, to more than $2 billion, and our full-year distributable cash flow exceeded $1.6 billion.

2017 Annual Report (PDF; 6.5MB)





2016 Annual Report Cover2016 Annual Report & 10-K

MPLX significantly transformed its financial profile in 2016, the partnership’s first full year with MarkWest Energy Partners, executing on its plan to deliver strong operational and financial results.

2016 Annual Report (PDF; 9.4MB)





2015 Annual Report Cover2015 Annual Report & 10-K

MPLX unitholders benefit from the historic expansion of U.S. energy production, because our partnership stands apart from its peers as a large-cap, diversifed MLP with an attractive growth profile.

2015 Annual Report (PDF; 6.2MB)



2014 Annual Report Cover2014 Annual Report & 10-K

As the U.S. petroleum industry’s resurgence continued during 2014, MPLX positioned itself to accelerate returns on unitholders’ investment in the partnership.

2014 Annual Report (PDF; 3.30MB)





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2013 Annual Report Cover2013 Annual Report & 10-K

MPLX’s first full calendar year as a publicly traded partnership gave it the opportunity to prove its ability to add value for unitholders.

2013 Annual Report (PDF; 4.03MB)





2012 Annual Report Cover2012 Annual Report & 10-K
As a new master limited partnership, MPLX LP comes to the market with strong assets and excellent prospects for growth over an extended period of time. The company's first Annual Report & 10-K provide details.

2012 Annual Report (PDF; 3.2MB)