Annual Report & 10-K


2015 Annual Report Cover2015 Annual Report & 10-K

MPLX unitholders benefit from the historic expansion of U.S. energy production, because our partnership stands apart from its peers as a large-cap, diversifed MLP with an attractive growth profile.

2015 Annual Report (PDF; 6.2MB)



2014 Annual Report Cover2014 Annual Report & 10-K

As the U.S. petroleum industry’s resurgence continued during 2014, MPLX positioned itself to accelerate returns on unitholders’ investment in the partnership.

2014 Annual Report (PDF; 3.30MB)





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2013 Annual Report Cover2013 Annual Report & 10-K

MPLX’s first full calendar year as a publicly traded partnership gave it the opportunity to prove its ability to add value for unitholders.

2013 Annual Report (PDF; 4.03MB)





2012 Annual Report Cover2012 Annual Report & 10-K
As a new master limited partnership, MPLX LP comes to the market with strong assets and excellent prospects for growth over an extended period of time. The company's first Annual Report & 10-K provide details.

2012 Annual Report (PDF; 3.2MB)