Southwest Operations

MPLX operates five complexes in the Southwest region including, processing and gathering at the Carthage Complex in Texas; processing and gathering at the Western Oklahoma Complex in Oklahoma; processing at the Hidalgo Complex in Texas; gathering at the Eagle Ford Complex in Texas; and treating, processing and C2+ fractionation at the Javelina Complex in Texas.

We also own a 40 percent non-operating interest in the Centrahoma processing joint venture with Targa Resources. The joint venture includes processing plants in Southeast Oklahoma1 with existing capacity of 280 MMcf/d with plans to add two additional plants in 2018. The new plants are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Gathering Capacity 2.1 bcf/d
East Texas System 0.7 bcf/d
Western Oklahoma System 0.6 bcf/d
Southeast Oklahoma System 0.7 bcf/d
Eagle Ford and Other System 0.1 bcf/d
Processing Capacity 1.6 bcf/d
East Texas System 0.6 bcf/d
Western Oklahoma 0.5 bcf/d
Southeast Oklahoma 0.1 bcf/d
West Texas 0.4 bcf/d
Javelina Complex 0.1 bcf/d
C2+ Fractionation Capacity 29 mbpd
Javelina Complex 29 mbpd

1Represents 40 persent of processing capacity through the Centrahoma join venture.