MPLX operates several natural gas gathering systems, which have a combined throughput capacity of approximately 5.9 bcf/d. The scope of gathering services we provide depends on the composition of the raw or untreated gas at producer customers' wellheads. For dry gas, we gather, and if necessary, treat the gas and deliver it to downstream transmission systems. For wet gas that contains heavier and more valuable hydrocarbons, we gather the gas for processing at a processing complex.

MPLX's natural gas processing complexes remove the heavier and more valuable hydrocarbon components from natural gas. We operate natural gas processing complexes in the Marcellus shale, Utica shale, Appalachia region, and Southwest region with approximately 8.9 bcf/d of natural gas processing capacity.

Once natural gas has been processed at a natural gas processing complex, the heavier and more valuable hydrocarbon components, which have been extracted as a mixed NGL stream, can be further separated into their component parts through the process of fractionation. Our NGL fractionation facilities have a capacity of approximately 610,000 bpcd and separate the mixture of extracted NGLs into individual purity product components for end-use sale. We sell basic NGL products, including ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutene, natural gasoline and other primary products such as ethylene and propylene.